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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Diwali Shopping At Dastkar Bazaar | Diwali Mela In 2016 | Festival

Lights will guide you to Dastkar Bazaar, which is all festooned with the finest of craftworks around the theme, ‘Festival of Lights’ to brighten the lives of people. Ceramics, Trinkets, Decorative Items, Home Furnishing, Handicrafts, Ethnic Garb, and Souvenirs displayed in the carnival are manicured and mortised by the talented crafts groups from across 29 states of India to dish up the contemporary taste without compromising on time-honoured grace. Looking at them, one cannot help but sing the praises of the artistry innate in rustic cloisters of our country.
It was great getting to know the passionate artisans, who have contributed some of the most exquisite craft, one has rarely spotted. India Heritage Desk tried to bring forth their beauty and appeal in few megapixels.

Check out!
These Sanjhi Art Tree Life Lamps are laboured with love by Adhya Crafts. They feature a tree in stencil-like precision that appears complete, no matter what side you are seeing them from.

Also, cull out the prettiest lanterns, diyas and candleholders…

These earthly and refined Ceramics and Pottery Items are chiseled by the outstanding ceramic artists from Khurja, a tiny city in Uttar Pradesh. The lead-free pieces of art including a coffee mug, planter, soap dispenser or vase are a perfect choice to dazzle the homes.

The range of Soaps, Cleansers, Masks, Mists and Foot Soaks by Spa Veda  are made with completely pure and organic extracts. These assure a gentle kiss of nature for that glowing skin.

The Hand-woven Tussar Silk, Matka Silk, Jamdani, South Cotton, Zari Garments, along with Crochet, Stone, Silver, Beads, & Boho Jewellery, exhibit the elegance incarnate in the hands of our artisans. From the designs, motif, texture, and feel, everything about them are on point.
The Home Furnishing stacked by Sasha Association for Craft Producers in this year’s Dastkar Bazaar is just the thing to glam up the homes in Diwali season. It is elaborately hand-stitched by the rural women of Bengal.
Or you can go green this Diwali with these endearing Coconut Shell Creations and Decorative Items
The vibrant spirit of festival is incomplete without the sweet exchange of gifts, and the bazaar has some tempting Gifting Options ranging from Statues, Paper Mache Items, Stationary, etc.
Art is the essence of our country, and artisans, the entity who strive year by year to put something exclusive to the global palate and leave the spectators flabbergasted. Kudos to them! With such talent and pace, in no time soon we will witness the handicraft sector of India as an economic mainstream in the competitive world.
Without paying hefty, one can infuse stately elegance to their homes and lives. The gates of Dastkar Bazaar are open to public view till 26th October 2016. Do not stay aloof from this beautiful art!

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