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Thursday, 17 November 2016

The North East Festival 2016 At IGNCA, New Delhi

When Delhi delved into the North-East! 
The splendid jewels of Manipur, the delightful dance of Assam, intricately handcrafted fabrics of Nagaland and scrumptious Sikkim spread created a euphoric stir at the IGNCA, New Delhi during the North East Festival 2016. The three-day festival commenced on Friday, 5’Nov to exhibit the rich art, culture and heritage of the distinct but equally unexplored region.
The festival showcased a vast variety of hand loomed Eri, Tassar, Muga silk fabrics, Mekhla chadars, hand-woven jackets, traditional wrap around skirts etc. One could experience an odyssey of colours and creative art.
Ethnic folk dances like Bardwisikhla from Bodoland which is celebrated to welcome the goddess of wind and water created an environment of ecstasy as it mingled with refreshingly invigorating beats. The festival also displayed some of the most celebrated martial arts of India like Kalaripayattu from Kerala and Gatka from Punjab.
The three-day festival was organised to connect cultures, reduce gaps and celebrate the awe-inspiring spirit of the North-eastern region and people. The festival served as a perfect opportunity to immerse in the incredible diversity of the North-East!

  • Rachit Sharma